Vector Editable Australian Postcode Maps and County Boundary Maps of Australia in Adobe Illustrator File Format

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Download Editable Australian Postcode and County Boundaries Maps of Australia

Our maps of Australia come as a bundle of individual map files compressed into a zip folder. We sell 2 types of Australian map, the Postcode map and the Counties map which are both available for immediate purchase and download. You can download a small sample PDF of each type of Australia map for sale. The samples are meant so you can see the level of detail, accuracy and clarity of the artwork.  These maps are ideally suited to graphic designers who don’t have access to GIS software. The files will open straight up in Adobe Illustrator with no special fonts or data attached that will limit its accessibility.

Our Vector Editable Postcode Maps of Australia are highly detailed editable maps when using software such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. Great for graphic designers but only if you know your way around those graphics packages. We’ve created a simple online tool that enables everyone to create, customize and colour an Australian postcode map into Zones or Territories and save the finished maps as vector editable Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Create as many maps as you want for a small one-off fee.

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Australian Postcode Map

This is our most detailed Australia Postcode Boundary map showing Australian 4 digit postcode and state boundaries. Each Australian Postcode is shown as an editable vector shape along with an editable text label for the name of the postcode area. State boundaries also have thie own layer(within Illustrator) that shows the state boundary along with the name of the state as editable text.

postcode map of australia
See More Detail and Download Samples

Australian County Boundaries Map

This is our most detailed Australia Country Boundary Map showing Australin Counties. Each Australian country is shown as an editable vector shape along with an editable text label for the name of the area or county. You need Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape to open and edit this map. You can crop and edit the full Australian map to produce smaller maps of just the areas you need.

australian county boundaries map
See More Detail and Download Samples