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A Bit More About and The Team

GBMaps is a small mapping business located on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park in a village called Thornton le Dale. We are a software, cartography and design business supplying customer with bespoke digital mapping products, software and printed mapping materials across the world. We’ve been in business for 20 years and have created well over 20,000 bespoke maps in that time.

We started out designing simple location maps for businesses and over the years developed our product range to include bespoke mapping software apps, postcode maps, holiday park maps and anything else mapping related.  We’ll take on almost any mapping project however big or small.

We are a team of 3, Andrew, Michael and William working from a purpose-built design studio in Thornton Dale, using the very latest, most powerful GIS design hardware(computers) and software required to produce highly complex maps and applications as fast and efficiently as possible. Yes, we are small but carry out huge projects quickly and effectively. Using our own in-house built mapping tools(applications) and other a select few other software tools we’ve built up over the years we are able to solve even the most complex mapping and geographical statistical analysis tasks.

Andrew Scott

Skills: Graphic Design, Software Development, Product Development

That would be me, I started out in the mapping business 20+ years ago after working as a software engineer in the medical and oil/gas industry. I like to get involved in the development of new ideas using software and technology to solve difficult problems in a simple and easy to understand way. I'm not swayed by technology fashions and fads and always strive to complete clients projects to the highest standard, as if they were my own. I’m into design, flying paramotors, my kids, dogs, inventing and anything business related. I try to anticipate and solve problems with software. I’m a hands-on designer and have an astute understanding for what a client needs without much direction.

andrew scott portrait

Michael Scott - Software Engineer

Skills: PHP, SQL, JQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS..

We keep him in a darkened room with only a computer, phone and some headphones which he listens to obscure podcasts with. Mike is our resident software engineer/designer, creating all kinds of wonderful web-based apps for our clients.  Online booking systems, auto-quoting systems, invoicing software or writing code to help with our design work, he’s very analytical and binary in his thought process.  In his spare time, he plays football in a local league, enjoys climbing and loves his Apple products & technology ‘stuff’. He’s been building and running his own website ‘on the side’ since he was 11. He has even taken to riding his girlfriends horse now and again.

michael scott portrait

William Scott - Graphic Designer

Skills: Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Social Media, Graphic Design

William is our in-house ‘creative’. His attention to detail and flare for graphic design are what his clients love about him. He’s patient and remains calm under pressure which is really handy in a busy studio. When he’s in-the-zone designing something his hands glide across the keyboard and mouse like its some sort of musical instrument. He’s recently completed the Lyke Wake Walk with his friends and is looking for his next challenge. Although he has over 3,000 subway points he’s obsessive about keeping fit and spends an hour a day in the gym. He’s into building his Instagram presence with technology photos and looking for the next great idea.

William Scott Portrait