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postcode area map video

Colour Your Own UK Postcode AREA Map

Try our uk postcode area mapping tools to colour a UK Postcode Area Map (the first 2 postcode letters) into different zones. A very quick and simple video showing the features of the postcode mapping tool.

2m 20sec Viewers: 444

postcode district map video

Colour Your Own UK Postcode DISTRICT Map

How to colour in a UK postcode districts and area map using our map colouring tools. The same features as the postcode area map with a few extras specifically for the more detailed postcode districts of the uk (the first 2 characters and first 2 numbers in the postcode).  

2m 55sec Viewers: 252

illustrator editing maps video

Editing UK Postal Code Maps using Adobe Illustrator

A very quick tutorial on how to open and edit one of our postcode maps using adobe illustrator. Once you’ve purchased a a postcode or county map package of files, this shows you how to open and do very simple map editing using adobe illustrator.  You can download a copy of illustrator to trial for free for 30 days from the adobe website.

3m 20sec Viewers: 205

powerpoint edit maps video

Editing GB Postcode Maps With Microsoft PowerPoint

Most of our postcode map files bundles come with a uk postcode PowerPoint map included. This is a short video on how to colour the map into zones using Microsoft PowerPoint. Some of the very detailed maps we sell don’t come with a PowerPoint file as PowerPoint isn’t able to deal with the level of detail. This is clearly shown in the package contents section below each option. 3m 20sec Viewers: 112

powerpoint edit maps video

Editing USA 3 Digit Zip Code Maps Online Tool

Our USA zip code mapping tool works in the same way as our postcode mapping tool apart from the orientation of the map which is landscape.  The key to the map is at the bottom of the page rather than down the side as with the UK postcode maps.

2m 20sec Viewers: 166