Some frequently asked question about our location map and postcode mapping packages and software with common responses.

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Purchasing Original Map Artwork Files online.

Click on the button under the map you wish to purchase and you will be taken to a payment screen provided by Paypal. You do NOT need a Paypal account to make a purchase, they process our regular credit card transactions for us. Once you've completed your purchase there will be a link on the Payment Complete page saying   [ Return to  ] you MUST click on this link if you are not redirected automatically.

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Purchasing the Colour Your Own Map System

Select the map you wish to purchase and give the system a test. The whole system is fully functional and you can get a feel for and click on the Buy Credits button.  You MUST enter an email address when asked just prior to making payment. This is an address where you would like the map unlock information to be sent.  Once payment is complete you will be provided with a link or automatically returned to our site. You must navigate your way back to the Colour Your Own Map page you were using.
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If you don't receive the unlock code

Once you've completed the payment process, check your email. You will receive a payment receipt from Paypal. If you don't receive another email within 5-10 minutes then check your spam folder or your junk mail folder. You should receive an email with information about how to use and unlock the system. Alternatively just use your email address as the unlock code for your chosen map.

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Everything is unlocked but the system doesn't seem to work properly

If you're familiar with the system and everything worked before you purchased an unlock simply refresh the page.
If you are unfamiliar with the system, it's worth having a look at the short tutorial video 'How to Use The Map Colouring System'
If you know what you're doing and the system still doesn't work it could be the browser that you use. Google Chrome works best, Safari and Firefox work perfectly and Internet Explorer versions less than 9 can sometimes be a little temperamental. Try a different Browser.
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I don't know how to edit the files I have purchased

The files you receive come in various file formats.  ALL the maps are delivered in Adobe Illustrator format as well as .EPS format.  The simplest maps are also delivered in Microsoft Powerpoint file format. 

All you need is Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape to edit the eps or illustrator versions of the map, powerpoint will work with the simpler maps but due to the complexity of the more detailed maps powerpoint is not available.
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Quotations and Samples

When you fill in your details into our enquiry form we try to reply to everyone within 30 minutes with the information they requested. If you request a quotation we will create one for you based on the details you provide us with and email it back to you with various appropriate samples if required.
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How do I order ?

After we have sent you a quotation and some samples you will probably compare us to the competition. We positively welcome this because we know we are the best value for money mapping company anywhere on the internet. 
When you decide to order, simply contact us by email or by phone and we will email you with a detailed purchase order by return. This PO will detail exactly what you wil receive, the price quoted and the delivery date given. All you have to do is sign this purchase order and fax it back to us and we can proceed with the production of your maps. (We also need to know the address of the location(s) to be mapped)
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Delivery times and design schedule.

When we send you a quotation, we will give you an expected delivery date for your first proofs. It usually takes 1 week to get your map to a first proof stage. Depending on the number of changes or additions you would like making to your maps determines how long the proofing process will take(usually not more than 2-3 days) If you have a particularily urgent requirement, we can delivery your maps 'next day'
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The proofing process.

When we send you your first proof, we invite you to tell us about changes you would like to make to the maps, colour schemes changing, landmarks adding, trafic lights adding etc. We will make the changes, and email you another proof as soon as the changes are made. We continue to do this until you are totally happy with your maps.
When you approve the maps, we will proceed to produce all the other different file formats and the monochrome map conversion process. We will send you all your maps on a CD along with a high resolution full colour, glossy print and a monochrome print.
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Future updates and amendments.

What happens if your map needs updating in the future? We will be happyto carry out minor ammendments for free if we can deliver the modified files by email however, if you require a new CD to be issued there is a nominal charge of £10 to cover the cost of postage,CD's and printing. If you require more extensive changes or additions to the maps such as new road layouts etc. we charge a very small fee, usually £20 to £30 depeniding on the extent of the changes needed.
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How to pay for your maps.

You pay for your maps at the end of the job. This can be paid for by cheque, bacs or bank transfer or credit card. Only when your maps are completed, the final proofs are approved and your final pack is received, will we invoice you.
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Discounts for multiple orders.

We are often asked by our clients if there are discounts available for ordering more than one location map. Depending on the type of location maps ordered, we are usually able to offer very good discounts for orders above 5 locations. The amount of discount offered is generally dependant on the number of maps ordered (the larger the order the greater percentage discount we are able to offer)