Have a read before you commit to buying an unlock..

Answers to some common questions before you buy an unlock code.

What do I actually get?

You are paying to use our map customisation tools for this particular map type.  You can then import/export/save as pdf or excel and see your map overlaid on a google style map (and much more).

Can I customise all the different types of map with a single unlock?

No. All our different maps are priced individually. You wouldn’t want to pay a premium to have access to a collection of maps you’ll never use. You find the map you need and you can create as many versions/revisions/copies etc. of that map type as you want.

Can I upgrade my map type?

Absolutely you can. People often buy the cheapest map to make sure the site is legitimate and then get in touch to say they really need the more expensive map. Totally understandable and we’re happy for you to do this. Simply buy the map you need and we’ll refund you the original purchase price straight away. (Must be done within a couple of days.)

Can I downgrade my map?

Sort of. We’ll swap your map type to a simpler type but can’t refund you the difference.

I don’t use the tool, can I have a refund?

If you haven’t ‘saved’ any maps, we’re happy to give you a full refund. Once you’ve saved a map it’s possible but unlikely. Each account has a record of activity timestamped into the database so people who buy, create, save, delete then ask for a refund will not be given one.

How long does the unlock code last?

12 months. You can use the tool as much as you like within that time and create, save, download as often as you need to over that time.

Does it auto-renew, will I be automatically charged?

No. We don’t store any payment details so you don’t need to worry. We’ll remind you in 12 months time but that’s it. If you lapse a few weeks it’s no problem, all your maps will still be there. After that, they may be deleted.

Can I buy one license and share it with the rest of the office?

No. We use some cool A.I. to detect when people are sharing an unlock to create maps. We’ve created a part of the site where you can share your maps with as many people as you like and they don’t need an unlock.

My manager bought it but expects me to design all the maps, is that O.K?

Yes, our cool A.I. can detect that it’s only you that’s been using the tool.

Can I change the registered email from my old company to my new one?

If you email us from your old company email address and request the change then yes. We can’t do it if you don’t have access to the old email address.

Is this tool the same as Map-Point?

No but a lot of people that previously used Map-Point find our tools very useful. So it has some similarities but it’s not the same.

Are we a legitimate business?

Yes, we’ve been ‘mapping’ and in business for 25+ years. This mapping tool was born 10 years ago and has evolved a huge amount since then. We carry out feature and security updates and maintenance daily.

Why does it cost so little?

We have designed the tool to be as accessible as possible for people with no mapping experience and believe it’s better to charge a lot of people a small amount of money rather than a few people a lot of money.

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Give the system a try before you buy. Parts of the system are inactive until you buy an unlock.

With an unlock code you can produce unlimited designs with this map for only: £24.95

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