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India Postcode Zipcode and PIN Code Boundary Maps in Editable Vector File Format

a small section of the indian pin code boundary map india pincode format

The Indian postal code system is referred to as a PIN code. Postal Index Numbers are 6 digits in length and each digit has a specific meaning as you can see in the image here. Our PIN maps of India have been created using GIS software and then recreated using Adobe Illustrator in order to make them available to the public. Our maps show the boundaries and labels of the first 3 digits in a PIN code. These maps are vector editable so using software such as adobe illustrator or Inkscape you can show or hide layers of information, customise the map and colour individual polygons to make up grouped zones. We also have the GIS Esri shapefiles available for those that really know what they are doing. If you don’t know what a ‘map projection’ is then the Esri shapefiles will not be of any use to you.

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If you do not have Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or a GIS package then all is not lost. We’ve created our own online mapping software tool which will enable you to customise our PIN code maps of India and create territory maps which can then be saved as vector PDF files as well as the data being exported as Excel CSV files. You can try the tools out for free using the green button below. Create as many maps as you want for a small one-off fee.

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3 Digit India PIN Code Polygon Map including Town, City and State Labels

The image below is a low-resolution snapshot of our India Postal Code (PIN code) map. You can download various FREE versions of some Indian states on the next page plus various FREE PIN code maps of India showing different levels of detail. The map bundle you buy from our site contains all the maps of India in numerous different file formats including vector editable Illustrator, Acrobat PDF, EPS, JPG, PNG and in some cases PowerPoint maps of India too. We’ve tried to put together a really useful bundle of PIN code/Postal code/ Zip code maps of India in a multitude of different file formats. We want you to achieve your project goal with the help of our Indian maps so if there’s another type of map you’d like to see on our site please let us know by contacting us and we’ll do our best to assist.

pin postal code map of india
More Detail Samples & Purchase Files

You can purchase our files for immediate download by clicking the button above, this will take you to another page where you can choose the level of detail you require, pay for your choice and then be instantly be taken to a download page where all your files will be made available.

Indian PIN code map, Illustrator layers panel

Our vector editable Adobe Illustrator maps of Indian PIN codes(postal codes or Zip codes) are layered into groups of similar objects. It is possible to select each layer and change the properties of everything on that layer such as text size, colour, font and polygon stroke thickness, stroke or fill colour and many other properties. Each object within each layer is labelled with the name of the pin number that is on that layer. It is a simple job to isolate only the pin numbers and polygons required and group them in any order to create territory maps of India, heat maps of India or any other style of Indian map.

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Free Indian Postcode Map Downloads