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Cost-effective bespoke map design and mapping software development

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We're on-hand, 7 days a week to carry out bespoke mapping projects. Get in touch and tell us about your project.
We are a small team of map designers and developers.  Simply tell us your requirements and we’ll tell you what we can do for you, how quickly we can do it and how much it will cost.


Bespoke Mapping
If you need a custom map designed, we can save you hours of scouring the internet in search of what you need. You may find some software which promises to help if you have a few days spare to learn the basics, but only if you find the correct data first. If you don't have the time to spare we can defintiely do the job quicker than you can, more professionally and more than likely cost you less then doing it yourself.

We know the different GIS software packages inside and out. We either have the data already or know exactly where to get it quickly.  Tell us what you are trying to achieve and we’ll give you some suggestions.  We’ll get back to you with a price and some ideas usually within an hour, maybe a couple if it’s a complicated project.  The cost depends on how long it will take us to produce what you need. If it takes us 30 minutes then that’s all we charge for.

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Drive-Time and Isochrone Maps & Analysis
(How far can you travel over a given time)

Drive time planning can be useful for setting up delivery zone charging costs, determining the range each of your staff are prepared to travel to a job or many other purposes. You can analyse the number of potential customers that live within a particular drive time of your business or how many customers are within a specific area. Sometimes called Isochrone maps, they can be used to select addresses from your database for a mailshot or marketing campaign. We use a libraries provided by Graphhopper to enable isochrones and route optimization.

isochrone drive-time map

3D Visual Density Mapping of Customers, Clients or Sales Data

Creating 3D maps to visualise your data, overlaid onto any kind of flat base map can help get your message across to the reader with ease.  We can take your data, and turn it into a static 3 dimensional map suitable for printing or display on your website or in reports.  We can also create a 3D web based map that is capable of zooming in and out, panning and rotating the map through all 3 dimensions. This allows users to navigate to a particular part of the map that is relevant to them and investigate further.

3d cylinder statistics mapping

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Address or postcode data-point clustering to visualise where all your customers are.

Having huge amounts of address data can be displayed on a map using clustering. The means grouping lots of data points together then displaying a count of those data points at the centroid of a polygon surrounding all the points in that group. These counts can be displayed inside a shape such as a circle or they could be coloured differently depending on their value. We could also show each count as a 3D cylinder, cone of other shape depending on the value. Eg. A higher value creates a taller cone, or a higher number is coloured red while smaller values coloured green. We can plot individual markers where every single data point exists or we can cluster them to show counts of data points within an area. Clustering is good for getting an instant feel for data rather than overall precision.

address clustering on a map

Custom map design for a client that needed to know locations of density numbers of people matching a certain criteria.

Target-Customer Density Analysis, Bespoke Web-based Software Application

We can utilise numerous API’s(application programming interface) to create very useful web based mapping applications, totally bespoke and unique to your needs.  Based around Google, Bing, Leaflet or MapBox and hosted on our secure servers or your own, this could involve tasks such as: clustering, optimizing and routing of thousands of deliveries. Code to decide who in your fleet of engineers is closest to an emergency callout. Visualizing live sales density data on a map using colour gradients or clusters. Combining census population data and store locations to find new geographical locations to position a new store, staff recruitment or office building location. Viewing population data within a specific drivetime of multiple locations. The possibilities are endless.

bespoke web app development

Bespoke app. to help a client work out where the best place to hire new home working staff would be.

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Multi-Vehicle, Multi-Drop, Address Clustering & Route Planning Web Application

E.G. You have 15,000 customer addresses require a delivery. 17 delivery vehicles which all have different working hours, ranges and economy. A parcel has to be delivered to each address over a 7 day period. How do you organise the process? We developed a web based app within 14 days. Simply upload a spreadsheet containing your addresses and parcel information, select a few options within the software and click ‘GO’. The software clusters the addresses into meaningful geographical groups, splits each group into an appropriate number of individual driver routes and optimises their routes and stops to be the quickest or shortest possible whilst remaining withint he working day. It then creates a packing list for the warehouse and routing sheets for each driver and delivers them as formatted excel files. Totally bespoke software delivered in less than 2 weeks.

vehicle routing and route optimization mapping

Developed for the NHS in response to the COVID-19 emergency to the highest security standards possible.

Gather address or customer data within a specific driving distance of a point on a map.

Plotting 1,000 client locations on a map and when one of them makes contact with a request for a home visit by an engineer the software automatically works out the nearest on-duty engineer to the client, works out the fastest route between the engineer and client and responds to the client with an estimated time of arrival. An engineer can also view the map and generate an Isochrone polygon around their current location to determine how many potential clients are within a specific driving distance.
The software also calculates the precise number of households and provides population data to the user based on the isochrone. Live tracking of vehicles using the app is also a feature which updates the main administrator map back at base. Used for planning and managing engineers and jobs at the same time. Project which took 1 week to complete.

find points within an isochrone polygon

Management system for emergency call-outs and engineer location planning and management.

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Gradient coloured & shaded heat-maps and large scale statistics mapping.

Another way of displaying large quantities of data on a map is by producing a density map and then colouring areas dependant on the number of data points present in a particular area.  Unlimited colours can be used and there are numerous ways in which the data can be collated and displayed. Show the stats of a pandemic outbreak or where your customer distribution lives. A very clear instant way of getting your message across.

coloured gradient density mapping

Density of patients living in certain areas of the country.

3D GIS Mapping and Digital Terrain Mapping using DEM's and base map of choice

We can source Digital Elevation Models(DEMS) at various resolutions and turn them into 3D Terrain maps. Once a 3D model has been create we can overlay a base map of any kind including cycle routes, walking paths, mountain guides, ski-slope runs and forestry modelling. We can create these maps as static vector maps or as 3D navigable maps which are web based and can be rotated, zoomed and panned using the mouse or pint on mobile devices.

3d terrain mapping with DEM and DTM

3D Mountain Bike Trails map of Dalby Forest, N. Yorkshire.

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We can print any of our maps at almost any size. If you need a laminated poster map, A4 printed maps, deskpads or something for the office wall including maps printed onto a whiteboard or magnetic board then we can  help.  We can create the maps you need and transfer them onto all kinds of printed media, faster and for a lot less cost than you might originally think.