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Download Vector Editable European Maps of all the countries in Europe. Powerpoint and Illustrator maps included.

2-Digit Postcode Maps of all the European Countries

It has taken us many months to produce our 2 digit postcode map of all the countries of Europe. We have produced a single set of vector files covering all the countries of Europe down to the first 2 digits of their postcode or (zip code in some regions).  Our illustrator artwork for this European Postcode Map Dataset is fully layered by country meaning it’s incredibly easy to show/hide layers and isolate just the countries you require.  There’s also a layer for all the Capital cities across Europe and another layer for all the other major towns and cities around the EU. Over 2,000 individual postal code areas across Europe are included in this map. A list of countries included are as follows:

Maps of all European Country 2-Digit Postcodes Editable Illustrator Format

In this file bundle you get editable illustrator eu postcode files of each individual country in europe. You will also receive a single Adobe Illustrator file which contains all the individual postal code maps of european countries together in one place. A very complex file with a lot of information. Vector layered files which are fully editable with the right software.

whole of europe 2 digit postcode maps

Some of the countries of europe have dubious postal code systems in place. We've spent a lot of time to make this map as accurate as possible however there maybe some small errors we don't know about.

£ 155.00 (all eu countries)

Individual European Country Editable Postcode Maps

You can purchase maps of the individual countries of europe shownig postal codes areas or zones down to 2 digits. The maps can be edited using Adobe Illustrator or Powerpoint and have all been extracted from the larger EU map so could be re-arranged and placed back together if required. It's much more economical to purchase the whole EU map.

individual european postal code map

You can download free pdf postcode maps of european countries which contain a small watermark if you want to use them simply for reference. If you need more than 10 countries the full EU map works out better value.

£ 6.00 (each)