European 2-Digit Postcode Map Download in Digital Vector Editable File Formats. All European Countries Covered and More.

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2-Digit Digital Vector Postcode Maps of all the European Countries

large scale postcode map of europe

Who are the Europe Postcode Map Files suitable for?
Graphic designers, cartography people and illustrators. The map comes as a zipped folder with various vector editable file formats included. The Layered Adobe Illustrator Europe Map is the most useful of the files included. Every single object can be edited including changing the fill colours, stroke colours, font family, font size or colour and visibility of any object. The map is very complicated with many vertices and will need a decent specification computer to work with efficiently. You should also have a basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape in order to edit the maps. If you require this European postcode map customising in any way or you require it printed, please get in touch.

What layers are included on the European Postcode Map
66 Countries detailed on the map
9,786 2-digit postcode + admin boundary polygons
1,370 towns, 65 mega-cities and 60 capital cities
199 sea-ports and 190 airports
Major roads and highways including route numbers
Ferry routes, Railway lines, Lakes and Rivers
1,331 country outline polygons(including islands)
Ocean bathymetry polygons (shading of the oceans).
Graticule(Grid) Layers, Key to Symbols and Scale Bar.

European Postcode Map Projection
Our European Postcode Map has been created using the World Mercator Projection - 54004.prj

Files Included in the download
Adobe Illustrator - .AI
Adobe Acrobat - .PDF
PostScript - .EPS

ESRI Shapefile - .shp (Currently not available but coming soon).

Countries Included in the European Postcode Map
europen coverage area map
The green areas of the map show the coverage of Europe down to 2-digit postcodes and the orange areas are where postcode boundaries are not available. Where the postcodes aren’t available, provinces, administrative districts or government boundaries have been included instead.

All the countries of Europe are detailed to two-digit postcode level detail apart from the following countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

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Download a Fully Layered, Vector, Illustrator Sample Map including .AI .PDF & .EPS files.

We’ve taken a small section of our whole European postcode map and cropped it to provide you with a sample download. You can see the layer structure and level of detail in the sample download if opened with Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. We’ve included a PDF and EPS file in the download along with the illustrator file. The download will begin automatically and is approximately 4mb in size.

europe 2 digit postcode maps

Some of the countries in Europe have dubious postal code systems in place. We've spent a lot of time to make this map as accurate as possible however there maybe some small inaccuracies we don't know about.

Download Sample Files Now

European Postcode Map Layer Structure as seen in the Adobe Illustrator layers panel.

There are many sub-layers to each of the top-level layers shown in the panel below. There are too many to show in this image however they are all present and correct in the free vector map download(opposite). Our downloads are totally secure and virus and malware free however if you would prefer us to email you a sample then please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

individual european postal code map

European Postcode Map Illustrator CC 2018 - Layers Panel

Why is our map better than the others?
We have painstakingly created this map from many different sources. We haven’t found any other 2-digit postcode map of Europe that goes down to 2 digits for ALL the countries of Europe. Other maps cover the more widely known countries but not some of the smaller ones where single digits prefixed with a zero have been used instead. Our map is different because where there are genuine 2-digit postcodes to be found, we have found them. We’ve recreated the boundaries and projected them to the World Mercator Map Projection then incorporated them into our map. Some of the data is very rare and has been sourced by us from people local to that country and redrawn and labelled to the correct map projection.

This is simple. Don’t re-sell the data in any form unless you’ve got permission first. Don’t make it freely available for people to download or obtain in a vector file format(e.g. PDF) without permission. If displaying sections of the map online as raster images, please ensure that is visible in small but readable text in either corner of the image. If printing the map largescale, please ensure is visible in readable text somewhere in the corner of the map. If in any doubt please get in touch as we’re very amenable and in 99% of cases give you permission to use the map how you want.


While we have made exhaustive efforts to ensure the data shown on this map is correct, there may be occasions where it has not been possible to accurately confirm a postal codes existence and assumptions have ben made. We don’t believe the map is incorrect however if we’re told about a mistake then we will immediately amend and correct the map and re-issue it. If you don’t need the whole of Europe you can purchase individual countries at 2 digit postal code level. Precisely the same detail as the full Europe Map with the same file formats included and the same licensing.

N.B. We can also supply this map in a printed format as an A0(1189mm x 841mm), glossy laminated/encapsulated print.