Custom deisgned siteplans and campus maps for colleges or universities as hi-res vector illustrations.

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New College Site Plan Sample Map

We will design a site plan for your building or complex and lay it out as a clear and easy to read colour coded graphic.  Our maps and site plans are an excellent way of showing where the rooms and floors are within your building. This could be for a college brochure or prospectus, a hotel, shopping precinct or an escape plan to show emergency exits, muster points or the locations of fire extinguishers etc.

building plan for new college in swindon

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Newbury College Site Map and Plan

We can map an entire campus showing a buildings rooms and floors along with its location within a group of other buildings or on a campus or park. We can show parking, buildings, vegetation or any other features you would like us to show on your map. These are totally bespoke maps and can be designed from information you provide us with or we can conduct accurate surveys on your behalf.

college campus map design

Download Site Map Sample