Download individual 250k Raster Road Maps of the UK showing Postcode Areas and Districts Overlaid.

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Try Our Highly Detailed 1-250k Raster UK Postcode Areas & Districts Roads Map

ordnance survey 250k raster map with postcode boundaries

A very detailed colour map of Great Britain from Ordnance Survey Open Data at 1:250,000 scale. The map includes motorways, A roads, B roads and some smaller roads. Urban areas, rivers, lakes, railways, towns and cities, forests, administrative boundaries, selected place names and grid lines. It also includes Junction Numbers, service stations and popular tourist locations. 

We’ve done something than none of the other map suppliers have. We’ve overlaid on top of the GB 250k Raster Map data our vector UK Postcode Areas and Districts Dataset as well as labels for the areas and districts as text.

Detailed 250k UK Raster Maps with Postcode Boundaries - Select only the tiles required.

If you only require a few tiles you can purchase them individually here.  On the next page you can select only the tiles you want to purchase and a total cost will be shown and the option to buy and download immediately will be given.  If you were to buy all the tiles individually it would cost more than buying the whole of the UK 250k Raster & Postcode Districts Map as a bundle. 
There are also options to buy only the UK tiles or just the Scotland tiles. You can also download a free UK 250k raster postcode map tile to get a feel for the level of detail these maps contain, be warned they are pretty detailed.

OS 250k Raster Tile Selector

Each tile is saved as a hi-resolution jpg with dimensions of 4,725px by 4,725px. Each jpg is approximately 50mb in size. Being such a hi resolution, these maps can be printed out large poster size and remain clear and not pixelated. Download the sample raster map data to give it a try.

Cost per Tile from £1 to £15
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Purchase all the UK Map tiles as one huge illustrator(& pdf) Document

We’ve pulled all the data together to produce one very large map of Great Britain in one file. It comes in various file formats available for immediate download including AI(Adobe Illustrator), EPS, JPG, PNG & Photoshop file formats. This is a very large download containing approximately 500mb of mapping data.
(We can customise the digital map/files to include your company logo, a background image and other supplementary data if required. We’ll include minor customisation within the price however more detailed changes will incur a small charge. We can also print and laminate this map if required.

detailed sample os postcode raster map

The full UK OS Raster and Postcode Districts Map is a monster! With 33,075px horizontally by 61,425px vertically this is a super hi res giant of a map. To put this into perspective you could print this map out 9 feet wide by 17 feet tall at a resolution of 300pixels per inch.

£ 225.00 (Complete UK Map in one Illustrator file)
BUY & Download Original Artwork Now - £225