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So you want to divide a map of the UK, USA or Europe into territories, coloured zones or areas? You know it’s possible because you’ve seen maps very similar to what you want elsewhere on the web but don’t know how to get one made. We created an online tool that lets you customize a sales territory map, delivery zone map or custom coloured postcode map in seconds with no experience. Try it now for free by selecting one of the green buttons below. Use The New Mapping System Here

Invoicing and Accounting Software

With our easy to use invoicing system you will have all your saved, cancelled, paid and unpaid invoices in one simple and easy to use place. Create an invoice at any time with your companies branding and then save, print or email this invoice to your customers. You can then use your 'Previous Invoices' page to manage your invoices. This page makes it super easy to keep track of which invoices need chasing and which can be marked as paid or cancelled.

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UK Council Postcode Search API

Finding the council name that governs a certain postcode is difficult. To make this process much easier we have used our various existing maps to build a database that has every council and corresponding postcode in the United Kingdom. The great thing about this tool is that searching for a partial postcode or a postcode with a spelling error will often result in the correct answer. The application takes the postcode you give it and if it can't get the council perfectly it will use several methods to determine what the correct postcode and council might be.

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UK Postcode Validator

When you're working with data such as postcodes you often end up working with files that are thousands of lines long. It's doesn't take long before your file is full of spaces, commas, underscores in the wrong places. Our tool aims to give you perfect postcodes. every time. We've made it as simple as possible while keeping the whole thing feature rich.

Simply Paste your data into the postcode column, select the type of postcode you're trying to validate to and click 'Check Data' the result will be a complete list perfectly formatted in your selected style with statistics showing the number of correct, missing and incorrect postcodes. There's no need to paste full postcodes into the column. Simply using what you have in your spreadsheet will result in the correct postcodes for the postcode type you choose. The postcodes can be validated down to Full (YO18 7TG), Sector (YO18 7), District (YO18) or Area (YO)

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Heatmap & Chloropleth Map Tool

Chloropleth maps are maps that are shaded in a series of steps from one colour to another in proportion to the data being displayed. Heatmaps are commonly used to display population, sales figures or the density of some metric. Instead of having to try and use excel to interpret the data you've collected you can simply paste your postcodes into our system and receive a fully coloured heatmap out the other end.

After your data has been imported and validated it's super easy to change anything on the map. The start/end colours, number of steps and the data itself can be changed with a single click. Heatmaps can be generated in various different ways to show different types of data. You can have a simple table that shows various information depending on the shade of different rectangles on the page. Once your data is based on predefined regions like districts or counties.

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