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Date Written: 08/11/2015 by Andrew Scott

USA Zipcodes Map Latest Updates and improvements to the USA map colouring system.

usa territory map increased sizeFirstly we’ve increased the final print area the map covers on the saved PDF page.  Previously due to constraints in the PDF creation software we use behind the scenes in our map colouring tool the finished map only covered 75% of the page when saved as landscape. 

The US maps are the only maps currently saving as landscape so these were the only ones affected by the issue.  We’ve now rectified this and increased the final map image size saved on the pdf by 20+%.

You can see from the images here that this improves the look of the finished map considerably whilst making the font size slightly larger and clearer to read.

It should be possible to re-save your existing USA coloured map by opening it up inthe system to edit and then saving it with teh 'save copy' checkbox ticked. This will create a new copy of your map and the resulting pdf will be formatted to the new size.

usa towns and cities zip code mapSecondly, and this is an even bigger improvement we’ve added towns and cities to the US maps. Its been something we’ve been planning to do for a while but never got around to doing simply due to the time it takes to implement versus how many people use the system.  In recent weeks the USA Zipcode Map Colouring Tool has become very popular in part because of the SEO and website promotion we’ve been doing specifically for the US market. For this reason we decided to finally get to work on adding the towns and cities to our US zip maps.

Its taken a couple of weeks to do but we’ve now added 350+ town and city names to our 3 digit US zip code map on the map colouring system.
USA 3 Digit Zip Code Map Colouring Tools

The Map colouring system for the USA is already live and we are currently working on creating all the various file formats for the USA Zipcode and State Map File Downloads for cartographers and designers to use with software such as Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or Powerpoint. These should all be live in the next few days here: http://www.gbmaps.com/americamaps/usa-zip-code-maps.htm