Affiliate Marketing and Profit Share Programme - Features and Benefits.

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Our Affiliate Mapping Programme..

We have created a great simple to use web based tool which allows visitors to customize and colour vector based maps and export them as a pdf files. Visitors can try the system for free and very quickly realise that the tool is just what they need. Visitors then buy an unlock key which allows them to use the system to produce as many maps as they want.  The system is extremely well received and literally everyone that uses it says it's saved them many hours of time and would recommend the system to others.

All the users of our system so far have come from organic search results directing people straight to our site.  We want to get our product seen and used by as many people as possible, when people have tried the system they ultimately buy the product. We are offering a very simple affiliate commission program where profit is split 50/50 (after payment processing fees have been deducted) so that's a 50% commission for each partner.

Pricing Structure

It has taken us many months to work out the best price point for our products and customers.  We have thoroughly tested the market by charging more and less for each product over a period or weeks, plotting the number of sales versus number of visitors  versus cost of the product. The prices we charge are those which we've found to work best. It is not appropriate for affiliates to charge more or less than ourselves or other affiliates.

What Type of Affiliate Are You ?

Website Owners
Our affiliates can profit from selling our products in a number of different ways.  If you currently have a  website selling related items or containing other information then incorporating our system into your product pages will give your visitors another opportunity to purchase something when they may be ready to leave empty handed.
If you would like to incorporate our 'colour your own map' tools directly into your own site with your own branding and colour schemes etc. this is totally acceptable. The inner workings of the system will still be hosted on our servers but the graphical interface will be customised with your own logos, colour scheme and branding to fit seamlessly into your existing site.  We have some work to do in order to sort this out so there is a one off setup fee of £50 but the commission structure of 50% remains the same.

BLOG Owners
If you run a BLOG site, WIKI or information site or a facebook or twitter page with lots of visitors or followers then you could profit by offering our services to those visitors.  The type of site that would work well depends entirely on the demographic of your readership. Sales and marketing blogs, transport industry sites, courier network sites,  map related sites and geographical sites are all very good platforms for showcasing our products.

Don't have a website?
You don't need to have your own site to profit from our tools.  If you run an email list or you are a prominent member of a forum or online community then you may be able to link to our products from there.

How Do You Get Paid

When you successfully become an affiliate we will issue you with your own unique URL which contains a parameter specific to you. When a user follows a link you place on your site through to ours and they then place an order, this transaction will be identifiable by tracking your unique parameter. At the end of each week, you will be provided with a breakdown of all your sales and credited with the commissions due directly into your bank or via paypal.   

How to get started...

Simply send me an email specifying your interest in becoming an affiliate. Include as much information as you can such as your email address, personal/company details, experience(if you have any), any website address that you'd like to start promoting the tools on.

My email address is

Once I've reviewed your proposal we can get things moving right away. If needed I can provide you with coding support and help integrating the tools into whatever your current system is.