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Date Written: 15/09/2015 by Andrew Scott

New Map Marker Flags Implemented on the Postcode Map Colouring Tools

Here's a great new feature I've just added to the map customisation tool, "Add Location Markers".

I recently asked a selection of around 500 existing customers what features they would like to see in the next update of my postcode map colouring tools and this was by far the most requested.

map location markers menuSo now you can add speech bubble style location marker flags to a map, with or without a 'tail' to pinpoint exactly where the marker relates to on the map.  There's a tiny tick box labelled 'Inv' which allows you to invert the tail of each of the marker flags - very useful if a particular marker would cover up another label on the map such as a town name or postcode area label.

Change the size of the font of all the markers all at once and this will increase the overall size of the label text and the bounding box, the tail will remain the same size no matter what size the font is.
Delete a marker once created and positioned will completely remove the marker from the map and it's not possible to un-delete so make sure you meant to delete it.

Changing the length of the arrow or tail of the speech bubble or marker box. This will increase, decrease or remove the markers tail altogether.

label markers with tails on a postcode mapIf you want to hide all markers from a map then simply un-tick the 'Show Markers' tick-box. The markers will still be saved with the map if hidden and if you reload a map in future that previously had markers hidden then they will still be there, just tick the 'show markers' box again and they will reappear where they previously were.

As you zoom in on a map that has markers placed on it, the markers will also scale in size.  To avoid having huge markers displayed on a map when zoomed in simply reduce the size of the font with the drop down box and the whole marker size will be reduced.

It's a cracking new feature and is well worth having a play around with as many of the maps already created can be enhanced with this feature.

Future revisions of the Location Markers feature may include:
a. Changing the colour of the Marker boxes including the border colour, font colour and background colour of the boxes.
b. Adding tiny image icons to the markers so markers can be placed to show different types of locations graphically.
c. Adding different coloured or shaped dots to the end of the marker tails.