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Date Written: 11/11/2015 by Andrew Scott

Colour By Numbers - Christmas Fun for the Kids.

Christmas is fast approaching and I thought it would be good to do something a little festive and what better way than doing something for the kids. Click to Colour Bami Online

colour by numbers bambiI’m always searching for new things to create and whilst looking for a game for my young son to play I came across a colour by numbers game on iTunes.  It was rather clunky and a bit too simple but it worked really well and kept him entertained while I sent off a few emails. 
It did get me thinking about our postcode map colouring system and how similar it was to the colour by numbers game my son played.  
I recreated the popular Disney character Bambi in SVG and installed it into the Colour Your Own Map system. It works perfectly and in just the same way as the system for colouring maps. The user interface isn't really child friendly and there aren't many pictorial buttons so it could be tricky for the smaller kids to understand what's going on.

You should be able to plonk a child in front of the system, give them the mouse and let them get on with it. 

I tried this out on my 4 year old and he had the system mastered within a minute, colouring away happily.  They are quick to point out shortfalls in a person or system and the list of things he'd like the system to be able to do cam thick and fast. 
I can't see it becoming a core product but as a bit of fun and a way of trying out new ideas for the 'grown up' map colouring tools I think it's a good start.

I'd like to improve the colour by numbers system by:
1.         Removing all the textual buttons and replacing them with meaningful icons.
2.         Change the whole look and feel of the UI to appeal to kids.
3.         Develop bundles of images for kids to colour in. (Toy Story, Spiderman, Batman etc.)
4.         Incorporate the addition on text.. e.g. Happy Birthday Daddy etc.
5.         Provide options for sending completed images directly to others or sharing online.