Buy 5-digit UK Postcode Area District Sector Maps Including Towns and Cities along with Roads and Motorways as a PDF, Illustrator and EPS files.

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9. UK Postcode Area, District, SectorsTowns and Roads Map

Split into 124 individual postcode areas, over 3,000 postcode districts and 11000 postcode sector boundaries plus over 1000 towns and cities as well as all the motorways, major A roads and other features. All the area district and sector shapes are adjoining polygons. Each area and district is independant of its neighbour and all the districts of each area are on seperate layers for easy editing. All the town and city names are editable text and every road is also editable or coloured using software such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator.

uk postcode district sector map including towns and roads
The map above is saved as an 'Image' for the purpose of showing the level of postcode detail on this map and the resolution isn't great. The actual files that you receive when you purchase this map are vector based files which mean they can be zoomed-in or printed at any size without loosing any quality. They are also fully editable with the appropriate software.

Option 9 - Map package contents

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All the editable files

small green tickCounty Boundaries

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small green tickPostcode Areas

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Postcode Districts

small green tickPostcode Sectors

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London Zoom Map

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Town/City Names

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Price £95.00

This editable uk postcode district sector map is available to buy in all the file formats shown above. When purchased you will be emailed a direct link to download the maps and also redirected to a download page immediately, where you can download all the mapping files in a compressed zip folder. *(If you require a particular file format that isn't listed just let us know and we'll try to help.)

If you don't have any software that can edit these postcode map files, we've created a really simple interactive mapping tool that enables you to customise and colour a map similar to this one into zones with labels, legend, titles and circles.

Customise Postcode Area
Districts Towns & Roads Map

You can try-out the tool completely free of charge before purchasing access to it. Once purchased, you can create an unlimited number of maps and edit your saved maps any number of times.