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Royston Vector SVG Town Map - FREE Download

Our Royston Map is one of 7 FREE svg town maps in the Barnsley area. We have approximately 1,350 other town maps and 65 city maps across the UK. We also have 67 Vector City Maps in the Barnsley area which you can view here. City Maps In Barnsley
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The roads and streets named below are all found in Royston..

Ainsdale Road
Army Row
Arundel Gardens
Austin Corner
Baldock Street
Barkway Road
Barkway Street
Beldam Avenue
Berry Drive
Betony Vale
Brewers Yard
Brownroyd Avenue
Campion Way
Cardinals Gate
Central Drive
Chantry Grove
Cherry Tree Grove
Church Hill
Church Street
Clark Road
Clydesdale Road
Coltsfoot Drive
Common Lane
Coronation Avenue
Cranford Gardens
Croft Avenue
Cropton Road
Day's Close
Dog Kennel Lane
Earls Hill Gardens
East Pinfold
Eastfield Road
Fearnville Grove
Filey Avenue
Fish Hill
Furze Grove
Galway Close
Garden Close
Garden Lane
Garden Walk
George Lane
Gooder Avenue
Grange Bottom
Grange Road
Green Drift
Greenwood Crescent
Hallcroft Rise
Hardwick Close
Harvester Close
Hawthorn Way
High Street
Hollies Close
Hollycroft Avenue
Hunters Way
Jack Close Orchard
Jepps Lane
Jesmond Avenue
John Street
Kent Close
King James Way
King Street
Kirkfield Way
Kneesworth Street
Layston Park
Lidgett Way
Limekiln Close
London Road
Lower King Street
Lumen Road
Mallow Walk
Manor Occupation Road
Market Hill
Market Link
Martingale Road
Maytree Close
Meadstead Drive
Meadstead Fold
Melbourn Road
Melbourn Street
Midland Road
Milgate Street
Mill Road
Millers Croft
Mortimer Road
New Street
Newmarket Road
Newtown Avenue
Norman's Lane
North Close
North Road
Oakwood Avenue
Oakwood Crescent
Oakwood Road
Old Royston Avenue
Palace Gardens
Park Avenue
Park Close
Park Crescent
Park View
Parthia Close
Perry Drive
Pightle Close
Plantation Avenue
Poplar Close
Poplar Drive
Prince Andrew's Close
Princes Court
Princes Mews
Priory Close
Priory Lane
Queen Anne Court
Queens Road
Redhaw Road
Redwood Avenue
Rowland Street
Royston Lane
Ruston Drive
Shepherd Way
Sitka Close
Skye Croft
South Close
Spruce Avenue
St Marys Park
Stamford Avenue
Stamford Court
Stamford Yard
Station Road
Strawberry Gardens
Studlands Rise
Suffolk Road
Summer Road
Sun Hill
Tall Trees
The Brambles
The Green
The Lane
The Shires
The Warren
Turpin's Ride
Upper King Street
Vicarage Lane
Victoria Road
Walnut Close
Warren Walk
Well Hill Grove
West Pinfold
Wheatfield Crescent
Whitewood Close
Winmarith Court
Winter Avenue
Wrelton Close
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SVG Map of Royston

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