Download an SVG Nottingham Vector city Map. Part of the collection of city maps in City Of Nottingham.

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Nottingham Vector SVG city Map - FREE Download

Our Nottingham Map is one of 1 FREE svg city maps in the City Of Nottingham area. We have approximately 64 other city maps and 65 city maps across the UK. We also have 1 Vector City Maps in the City Of Nottingham area which you can view here. City Maps In City Of Nottingham

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Street Name X Y
Albert StreetG7
Albion StreetG3
Arkwright StreetI1
Beast Market HillF8
Bottle LaneJ8
Bridlesmith GateI6
Broad StreetJ10
Bromley PlaceD8
Byard LaneI7
Canal StreetH3
Carlton StreetJ9
Carrington StreetI1
Castle BoulevardB2
Castle GateE5
Castle GroveC4
Castle Meadow RoadF1
Castle PlaceD6
Castle RoadE3
Street Name X Y
Cliff RoadJ5
Clinton Street EastI10
Clinton Street WestI10
Clumber StreetH9
College StreetB9
Collin StreetI4
Cumberland PlaceC7
Derby RoadC10
Derby StreetA10
East Circus StreetC8
Fishpond DriveA3
Fletcher GateI7
Friar LaneD6
George StreetJ9
Goldsmith StreetE10
Greyfriar GateG4
Halifax PlaceJ7
Hamilton DriveA3
Haslam StreetC2
Street Name X Y
High Cross StreetJ10
High StreetH8
Hope DriveB3
Hounds GateF6
Huntingdon DriveK5
Isabella StreetF4
Kenilworth RoadA3
King StreetG9
Lenton RoadA4
Lincoln StreetJ10
Lister GateG5
Long RowH9
Long Row WestF9
Long Row West / Angel RowE9
Low PavementI6
Lower Parliament StreetH10
Maid Marian WayF3
Market StreetF9
Melville StreetG4
Street Name X Y
Middle HillJ4
Middle PavementI6
Milton StreetH10
Mount StreetC7
Norfolk PlaceF9
North Circus StreetB9
Ogle DriveB4
Old Lenton StreetJ10
Oxford StreetA8
Palatine StreetB2
Park DriveA4
Park RowB7
Park TerraceB7
Park ValleyB5
Pelham StreetJ9
Peveril DriveD3
Pilcher GateJ7
Popham StreetJ4
Postern StreetC7
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This Nottingham street map covers an area of approximately 1 square kilometer and includes a range of important features such as roads, streets, parks, waterways, buildings, and car parks. The map is color-coded to distinguish different types of roads, such as motorways, A roads, B roads, and streets. Additionally, a blue grid overlays the map, with each square approximately 100 meters in size and corresponding to the detailed street index above the map.

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