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Lancashire Vector PDF County Boundary Map - FREE Download

Town Name County Name Postcode Area Postcode District Postcode Sector Sprawl Sector Population Sector Households
LongridgeLancashirePRPR3PR3 3Longridge100613819
Great HarwoodLancashireBBBB6BB6 7Great Harwood120424788
CarnforthLancashireLALA5LA5 9Carnforth94063683
ThorntonLancashireFYFY5FY5 5Thornton58442407
Poulton-le-fyldeLancashireFYFY6FY6 8Poulton59842448
KirkhamLancashirePRPR4PR4 2Kirkham95523546
FulwoodLancashirePRPR2PR2 8Preston76312911
RishtonLancashireBBBB1BB1 4Rishton73872912
ChurchLancashireBBBB5BB5 4Accrington98633845
Clayton-le-moorsLancashireBBBB5BB5 5Clayton-le-Moors128374850
AccringtonLancashireBBBB5BB5 6Accrington117054591
PadihamLancashireBBBB12BB12 8Padiham87983580
CleveleysLancashireFYFY5FY5 1Cleveleys88613670
Lytham St Anne'sLancashireFYFY8FY8 1Lytham104054657
Bamber BridgeLancashirePRPR5PR5 6Bamber Bridge103433917
OswaldtwistleLancashireBBBB5BB5 3Accrington88213650
BrierfieldLancashireBBBB9BB9 5Burnley70882434
LeylandLancashirePRPR25PR25 3Leyland75132788
DarwenLancashireBBBB3BB3 2Darwen104834138
HaslingdenLancashireBBBB4BB4 6Rawtenstall86913330
RawtenstallLancashireBBBB4BB4 6Rawtenstall86913330
BacupLancashireOLOL13OL13 9Bacup76102911
NelsonLancashireBBBB9BB9 7Nelson74992145
ColneLancashireBBBB8BB8 0Colne67592841
BarnoldswickLancashireBBBB18BB18 5Barnoldswick85973423
ChorleyLancashirePRPR7PR7 1Chorley74043059
WhitworthLancashireOLOL12OL12 8Whitworth83633292
TrawdenLancashireBBBB8BB8 8Colne56782196
EarbyLancashireBBBB18BB18 6Earby105584120
AdlingtonLancashirePRPR6PR6 9Adlington84373224
OrmskirkLancashireLL39L39 1Ormskirk55272082
BlackburnLancashireBBBB2BB2 1Blackburn63392369
BurnleyLancashireBBBB11BB11 2Burnley58012102
ClitheroeLancashireBBBB7BB7 2Clitheroe80023111
PrestonLancashirePRPR1PR1 4Preston98413442
SkelmersdaleLancashireWNWN8WN8 8Skelmersdale114804468
HeyshamLancashireLALA3LA3 2Morecambe113704374
MorecambeLancashireLALA4LA4 4Morecambe102294202
FleetwoodLancashireFYFY7FY7 6Fleetwood76153304
BlackpoolLancashireFYFY1FY1 1Blackpool328161
BarrowfordLancashireBBBB9BB9 6Barrowford53392100
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