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Greater Manchester Vector PDF County Boundary Map - FREE Download

Town Name County Name Postcode Area Postcode District Postcode Sector Sprawl Sector Population Sector Households
Greater ManchesterN/AN/A
BramhallGreater ManchesterSKSK7SK7 2Cheadle79232936
CheadleGreater ManchesterSKSK8SK8 1Cheadle61732293
GatleyGreater ManchesterMM23M23 0Altrincham97653837
SaleGreater ManchesterMM23M23 0Altrincham97653837
AltrinchamGreater ManchesterWAWA15WA15 8Altrincham98503603
HaleGreater ManchesterWAWA15WA15 8Altrincham98503603
Hazel GroveGreater ManchesterSKSK7SK7 4Stockport82383352
MarpleGreater ManchesterSKSK6SK6 7Marple76632981
RomileyGreater ManchesterSKSK6SK6 4Romiley73912892
HydeGreater ManchesterSKSK14SK14 4Hyde140195402
DukinfieldGreater ManchesterSKSK16SK16 4Dukinfield93663829
DentonGreater ManchesterMM34M34 3Denton100063981
ManchesterGreater ManchesterMM1M1 5Manchester35601346
StretfordGreater ManchesterMM32M32 8Manchester77082956
UrmstonGreater ManchesterMM41M41 0Manchester65042358
IrlamGreater ManchesterMM44M44 6Irlam136675106
GolborneGreater ManchesterWAWA3WA3 3Golborne114014404
StalybridgeGreater ManchesterSKSK15SK15 3Stalybridge103133747
DroylsdenGreater ManchesterMM43M43 6Manchester109334297
SalfordGreater ManchesterMM5M5 5Manchester54792192
EcclesGreater ManchesterMM30M30 8Manchester101634057
Ashton-in-makerfieldGreater ManchesterWNWN4WN4 8Ashton-In-Makerfield99303556
StockportGreater ManchesterSKSK1SK1 3Stockport27821525
Ashton-under-lyneGreater ManchesterOLOL6OL6 7Ashton33051414
RamsbottomGreater ManchesterBLBL0BL0 9Ramsbottom135785239
LittleboroughGreater ManchesterOLOL15OL15 9Littleborough56032217
StandishGreater ManchesterWNWN6WN6 0Standish147745489
HorwichGreater ManchesterBLBL6BL6 7Horwich72162952
HeywoodGreater ManchesterOLOL10OL10 1Heywood38111635
MilnrowGreater ManchesterOLOL16OL16 3Rochdale94353553
FarnworthGreater ManchesterBLBL4BL4 7Farnworth75523049
Little LeverGreater ManchesterBLBL3BL3 1Little Lever137315265
RadcliffeGreater ManchesterMM26M26 1Radcliffe116224520
MiddletonGreater ManchesterMM24M24 6Middleton55592325
RoytonGreater ManchesterOLOL2OL2 6Oldham142005425
ShawGreater ManchesterOLOL2OL2 8Oldham98043733
Ince-in-makerfieldGreater ManchesterWNWN3WN3 4Wigan61972390
HindleyGreater ManchesterWNWN2WN2 3Hindley104103905
WesthoughtonGreater ManchesterBLBL5BL5 2Westhoughton139785073
AthertonGreater ManchesterMM46M46 0Atherton112224680
TyldesleyGreater ManchesterMM29M29 8Tyldesley105274240
WalkdenGreater ManchesterMM28M28 3Walkden121175024
KearsleyGreater ManchesterBLBL4BL4 8Kearsley90623500
WhitefieldGreater ManchesterMM45M45 6Manchester63042284
PrestwichGreater ManchesterMM25M25 0Manchester100102814
ChaddertonGreater ManchesterOLOL9OL9 0Oldham96773503
WorsleyGreater ManchesterMM28M28 2Manchester65812540
PendleburyGreater ManchesterMM27M27 8Manchester106173812
SwintonGreater ManchesterMM27M27 5Manchester94563575
MossleyGreater ManchesterOLOL5OL5 9Mossley66862600
OldhamGreater ManchesterOLOL1OL1 2Oldham94382971
RochdaleGreater ManchesterOLOL12OL12 6Rochdale135495108
BuryGreater ManchesterBLBL9BL9 6Bury97413916
BoltonGreater ManchesterBLBL1BL1 1Bolton460218
LeighGreater ManchesterWNWN7WN7 2Leigh111794410
WiganGreater ManchesterWNWN1WN1 1Wigan486322
FailsworthGreater ManchesterMM35M35 9Manchester104724025
OrrellGreater ManchesterWNWN5WN5 8Orrell124454866
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