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Greater London Vector PDF County Boundary Map - FREE Download

Town Name County Name Postcode Area Postcode District Postcode Sector Sprawl Sector Population Sector Households
Greater LondonN/AN/A
RainhamGreater LondonRMRM13RM13 9London139174995
HornchurchGreater LondonRMRM12RM12 4London179676501
UpminsterGreater LondonRMRM14RM14 2London93103425
ErithGreater LondonDADA8DA8 3London114434039
CrayfordGreater LondonDADA1DA1 4London93333657
YiewsleyGreater LondonUBUB7UB7 7London100723619
UxbridgeGreater LondonUBUB8UB8 2London137554641
New MaldenGreater LondonKTKT3KT3 3London141474868
ChiswickGreater LondonWW4W4 2London110984491
GreenfordGreater LondonUBUB6UB6 8London163065199
WembleyGreater LondonHAHA0HA0 2London148274305
CarshaltonGreater LondonSMSM5SM5 3London87623001
MordenGreater LondonSMSM4SM4 5London103123493
BromleyGreater LondonBRBR1BR1 3London141485760
BermondseyGreater LondonSESE1SE1 4London119064345
PaddingtonGreater LondonWW2W2 6London94344183
IslingtonGreater LondonNN5N5 1London133845486
IlfordGreater LondonIGIG1IG1 2London226076186
NorthwoodGreater LondonHAHA6HA6 2London88173267
StanmoreGreater LondonHAHA7HA7 4London95853463
HillingdonGreater LondonUBUB10UB10 0London119464015
HayesGreater LondonUBUB3UB3 3London85262549
SouthallGreater LondonUBUB1UB1 1London115182766
NortholtGreater LondonUBUB5UB5 4London180915729
RuislipGreater LondonHAHA4HA4 7London113844181
PinnerGreater LondonHAHA5HA5 1London104163376
HarrowGreater LondonHAHA1HA1 2London81822896
KentonGreater LondonHAHA3HA3 0London123613593
EalingGreater LondonWW5W5 5London54422213
BarnetGreater LondonENEN5EN5 5London93663813
EdgwareGreater LondonHAHA8HA8 9London129614177
FinchleyGreater LondonNN12N12 0London93743172
Friern BarnetGreater LondonNN12N12 0London93743172
East BarnetGreater LondonNN11N11 1London108273732
EnfieldGreater LondonENEN1EN1 1London136454748
SouthgateGreater LondonNN14N14 5London69322276
Wood GreenGreater LondonNN22N22 6London140024941
TottenhamGreater LondonNN17N17 6London230847848
EdmontonGreater LondonNN18N18 2London178585908
ChingfordGreater LondonEE4E4 7London130424862
WalthamstowGreater LondonEE17E17 4London183745954
WoodfordGreater LondonIGIG8IG8 0London94023403
HampsteadGreater LondonNWNW3NW3 6London67652711
Camden TownGreater LondonNWNW1NW1 9London115374266
WillesdenGreater LondonNWNW10NW10 2London101113298
ActonGreater LondonWW3W3 6London142415384
MaryleboneGreater LondonNWNW1NW1 5London34211378
HornseyGreater LondonNN8N8 9London114934654
Stoke NewingtonGreater LondonNN16N16 8London127854863
FinsburyGreater LondonECEC1VEC1V 1London249127
ShoreditchGreater LondonNN1N1 6London94383546
StepneyGreater LondonEE14E14 7London143034554
BowGreater LondonEE3E3 3London119093843
Bethnal GreenGreater LondonEE2E2 9London94663395
PoplarGreater LondonEE14E14 4London522281
HackneyGreater LondonEE9E9 6London128914844
LeytonGreater LondonEE10E10 5London165665360
StratfordGreater LondonEE15E15 1London155305210
WansteadGreater LondonEE11E11 2London127564960
West HamGreater LondonEE13E13 0London212906188
East HamGreater LondonEE6E6 1London186554888
BarkingGreater LondonIGIG11IG11 9London218406702
West DraytonGreater LondonUBUB7UB7 9London108273390
BrentfordGreater LondonTWTW8TW8 9London66292190
HounslowGreater LondonTWTW3TW3 3London139424208
FelthamGreater LondonTWTW13TW13 4London141374875
TeddingtonGreater LondonTWTW11TW11 9London92603478
TwickenhamGreater LondonTWTW1TW1 4London82042927
IsleworthGreater LondonTWTW7TW7 7London110103848
SurbitonGreater LondonKTKT6KT6 4London69523264
HammersmithGreater LondonWW6W6 9London96273793
BarnesGreater LondonSWSW13SW13 9London82023016
FulhamGreater LondonSWSW6SW6 3London100283830
PutneyGreater LondonSWSW15SW15 6London92533762
MertonGreater LondonSWSW19SW19 3London120334267
WandsworthGreater LondonSWSW18SW18 4London116554689
ClaphamGreater LondonSWSW4SW4 9London79222951
BatterseaGreater LondonSWSW11SW11 4London90843937
ChelseaGreater LondonSWSW3SW3 5London55632691
KensingtonGreater LondonWW8W8 5London55552190
LambethGreater LondonSESE1SE1 7London62342790
CamberwellGreater LondonSESE5SE5 0London103243798
BrixtonGreater LondonSWSW9SW9 8London61952509
StreathamGreater LondonSWSW16SW16 6London157865469
PengeGreater LondonSESE19SE19 2London86853905
CatfordGreater LondonSESE6SE6 4London133904987
LewishamGreater LondonSESE13SE13 6London133375259
DeptfordGreater LondonSESE14SE14 6London107503573
GreenwichGreater LondonSESE10SE10 9London96463822
BeckenhamGreater LondonBRBR3BR3 4London143555711
PurleyGreater LondonCRCR8CR8 3London55791672
MitchamGreater LondonCRCR4CR4 3London209346989
WallingtonGreater LondonSMSM6SM6 0London68672849
WoolwichGreater LondonSESE18SE18 6London108894380
ElthamGreater LondonSESE9SE9 5London80203105
BexleyGreater LondonDADA16DA16 1London140204688
CoulsdonGreater LondonCRCR5CR5 2London102163478
Kingston Upon ThamesGreater LondonKTKT1KT1 2London91403608
SuttonGreater LondonSMSM1SM1 1London28211173
CroydonGreater LondonCRCR0CR0 1London100064190
WestminsterGreater LondonSWSW1PSW1P 4London72893367
RichmondGreater LondonTWTW10TW10 6London93633909
DagenhamGreater LondonRMRM9RM9 6London125954248
OrpingtonGreater LondonBRBR6BR6 9Orpington163045920
HendonGreater LondonNWNW4NW4 4London88113041
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