Editable EIR Code Maps of The Irish Republic. Including Boundaries, Roads, Settlements and More.

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Republic of Ireland (ROI), Éire, Ireland, EIRCode Maps in Vector File Formats and Laminated Prints

EIRCode, Terrain Map of Ireland

The Republic of Ireland has now been mapped with EirCodes, Ireland Roads, Towns, Cities and Villages.
Our Republic of Ireland maps are meticulously crafted in editable vector format, tailored for designers who demand full control and customization. These maps showcase EIR Code boundaries with three-digit precision, delineate county lines, and detail urban to rural landscapes, including roads from motorways to lanes, and natural features like lakes and rivers. Structured in layered files, they open seamlessly in Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, allowing for straightforward modifications of details, styles, and colours. Text is fully editable, and the scalable vector format ensures immaculate resolution at any size—perfect for any design project.

3-Digit EirCode Vector Boundary Map

This map showcases the 3-digit Eircode boundaries of Ireland, delineating areas based on the first three characters of the Eircode postal system. These initial digits, known as the Routing Key, represent specific regions or districts, providing a clear visual representation of geographic divisions across Ireland. Ideal for logistics, planning, and data analysis, this map is an essential tool for anyone needing to quickly identify and navigate the broader Eircode areas.

Map of Ireland highlighting 3-digit Eircode regions for easy identification and navigation.

Republic of Ireland Vector Map Downloads

This vector map of 3-digit Eircode boundaries surpasses standard images with its scalability and editability. As a vector graphic, it allows for seamless scaling to any size without loss of resolution, ensuring clarity and precision for both large displays and detailed analysis. Each element is fully editable, enabling customization of colours, lines, and text to suit specific aesthetic needs. Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Powerpoint or equivalent is required for editing.

Heatmap showcasing central Ireland with 3-digit Eircode precision, highlighting regions such as 'F' for Roscommon and 'H' for Galway, each area shaded according to data density.

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Ireland 3D Digital Elevation Terrain Maps

A 3D-rendered map of central Ireland displaying Eircode regions 'N' and 'R' with Digital Elevation Model data, highlighting the topography and road networks in detail.

Our 3D Digital Elevation Terrain Map of Ireland is a unique offering that brings the country's topography to life. With a 3D-style design, it vividly represents the varying landscapes and elevations, providing a dynamic and engaging view of Ireland's geographical features. Available as a digital download for versatile use, this map is also offered as a large, glossy laminated A0 poster, perfect for impactful display. Whether for educational purposes, office decor, or detailed geographical analysis, this map combines aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a comprehensive and visually striking representation of Ireland's terrain.

EirCode Maps with Roads, Towns & Cities

Interactive map of the Dublin region with detailed Eircode precision, featuring roads, town names, and city areas, color-coded for easy navigation and reference.

By leveraging the downloadable EirCode files from our website or utilizing our online EirCode Map coloring tools, you can create intricate vector heatmaps to show-off your data. Our online tools enables you to import data from a simple Excel file and automatically generate a map similar to this one. While creating a similar heatmap using Adobe Illustrator may be more complex, the results are equally striking. Our EirCode maps delineate the boundaries of the initial three digits of the EirCode, encompassing the entire Republic of Ireland. For Northern Ireland, we've included placeholder polygons in the downloadable files, although the actual postcode areas, districts, or sectors are available in the online tool.

Ireland EirCode Google Overlay Map

The integration of Eircode information with Google Maps presents a highly functional tool for both individuals and businesses. By overlaying precise Eircode boundaries onto the familiar interface of Google Maps, users can effortlessly navigate and explore specific postal code areas within Ireland. This combination allows for a detailed visual representation of geographical data, enabling users to pinpoint locations, analyze regional demographics, or optimize logistics and delivery routes with greater accuracy. This google overlay map tool is seemlessly integrated into our suite of map colouring and tools offering an alternative way to display and share your maps across different platforms and to a wider audience.

A dynamic Google map of Ireland with an overlay of Eircode areas color-coded to represent different data categories, complete with a search function for specific postcodes and eircodes.

EirCode Online Map Colouring Tools

The EirCode Territory Map Colouring Tool revolutionizes the way you visualize and manage geographical data. With its intuitive design, you can effortlessly color-code various territories based on EirCodes, enabling quick identification and analysis of regional patterns and trends.
This tool is especially beneficial for businesses and organizations looking to optimize delivery routes, target marketing campaigns, or analyze demographic distributions. Its user-friendly interface ensures that anyone, regardless of technical skill, can create detailed, informative maps. Make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge with this innovative and efficient mapping solution.

Map of Ireland highlighting the Eircode regional divisions with a focus on the 'F', 'N', 'R', 'W', and 'Y' areas, marked in dark blue, with selected areas in yellow to denote specific data points.

We can also supply A0 Laminated Prints of our Republic of Ireland 3D Map of Ireland
We can print any of our maps at almost any size. If you need a laminated poster map, A4 printed maps, deskpads or something for the office wall including maps printed onto a whiteboard or magnetic board then we can  help.  We can create the maps you need and transfer them onto all kinds of printed media, faster and for a lot less cost than you might originally think.

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