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The postal code districts of Kilmarnock as a downloadable vector based pdf file - Free to download here !

KA - Kilmarnock 4 Digit Postcode District Map

KA1 1 KILMARNOCK Kilmarnock East Ayrshire
KA1 2 KILMARNOCK Kilmarnock, Bonnyton, Grange East Ayrshire
KA1 3 KILMARNOCK Kilmarnock Centre, Bellfield East Ayrshire
KA1 4 KILMARNOCK Kilmarnock, Caprington, Riccarton, Shortlees East Ayrshire
KA1 5 KILMARNOCK Hurlford South East Ayrshire
KA2 0 KILMARNOCK Knockentiber, Crosshouse East Ayrshire
KA3 1 KILMARNOCK Kilmarnock, Altonhill, Knockinlaw, Longpark, Beansburn, Hillhead East Ayrshire
KA3 2 KILMARNOCK Kilmaurs, Kirktoun, Onthank East Ayrshire
KA3 3 KILMARNOCK Stewarton East Ayrshire
KA3 4 KILMARNOCK Lugton, Dunlop East Ayrshire
KA3 5 KILMARNOCK Stewarton, Fullwood, Kingsford East Ayrshire
KA3 6 KILMARNOCK Kilmarnock, Southcraigs, Fenwick, Crookedholm, Hurlford North East Ayrshire
KA3 7 KILMARNOCK Kilmarnock, Whinpark, New Farm Loch, Beansburn East Ayrshire
KA4 8 GALSTON Galston East Ayrshire
KA16 9 NEWMILNS Newmilns, Greenholm East Ayrshire
KA17 0 DARVEL Darvel East Ayrshire
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Kilmarnock postcode district map