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Strutt and Parker Multiple Store Locator Website Location Maps

Strutt and Parker are one of the UK's leading Property companies. Dealing with high end properties their customers demand the very best from them. They decided that Store Locator Maps to show their customers exactly where their branches are located was an important factor in the customer satisfaction stakes. GB Maps Ltd. were commissioned to produce a series of location maps for each of their branches which they send out to customers and also display on their website as downloadable pdf maps. We've put this one in our store locator section because there are so many maps and all designed in the same style and to the same branding guidelines(provided by Strutt & Parker). The style of the maps was carefully worked out designing mapsfor the rest of the branches.

MultipleLocationMapsMultiple Location Maps Dollond

Custom Designed Maps for Multiple Locations (These cost less than Multimap & StreetMaps)

Dollond & Aitchison’s customers were finding it difficult to find their stores. This may have been due to them needing new glasses but more than likely because the online mapping solution they were using never showed the correct location of their stores.  You’ve probably experienced the same problem, simply put your postcode into Google maps, Multimap, or StreetMap and see what comes up!  Usually the ‘You Are Here’ Marker will appear a few buildings away from your own or if you’re really unlucky it will be a few streets away.  D & A realised this was a problem and commissioned us to design them a series of more accurate custom designed and branded maps for their website. 

Click on the map link to goto the D & A Store Location Maps page to see our maps in action.